McLaren Honda studio render

Hello everyone, today I want to show you some studio renders of my McLaren.
It is so much fun to play with Cycles, different lightning, different colors. Hope you like it aswell :slight_smile:

About a car, this is Mclaren MP4/5b Honda is Formula 1 championship winner from 1990, driven by a legend Ayrton Senna.


Nice model, but the dark areas with no detail at all really bother me a lot.

I mean look how enormous the area without detail is on this one:

That’s practically more then half of the whole subject of interest!

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Hi Martynas,

thank you for your feedback! You are right, those areas are too dark… I’ll fix that.

Less contrast and more light.

Imo, some subjects don’t need to be HDR’d. Front and top view of your original renders are perfect for me.

A legendary car.

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