McLaren MP4-12c GT3 rendering [2.70 Cycle]

hey I have been re-render for this car render
Some texture,materials and scene updates
This is my final results that mean this project will be end now

look clean professional and serious ! like it

The old render was good, this is better.
How much render time? 5000 samples are long…

Extremely well done. It’s rare to see a brilliantly modeled car get the rendering it deserves.


Fantastic render. I really like the added details of the cameras in the shot.

17 hours to render one frame, but what a frame it is! You’ve spent quite a lot of time on this image, but the end result is remarkable. The lighting looks great. This is going to sound a little strange, but I really like the highlights and blur/chromatic aberration on the legs of the tripod in the foreground.

Having the back walls fall off into darkness is a simple but effective way to keep focus on the car. Did you do postwork on this in another program, or is it all composited in Blender?

5 stars!

Render time was horror…17hours

Thank you!Ofcourse most of composition are done in blender(include lens flare and chromatic aberration),but I done some colour correction/colour grading in BlackMagic DaVinci Resolve.

Wow! That is quite an amazing render! The scene and composition is excellent.:yes:

Fantastic render! Five stars:yes:

This is best car… no sorry… best cycles render ever :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome. Five stars!!!

Jaw dropping.

wonderful work! To the gallery with you! :smiley:

Very nice render, congratulation.

Stunning… really fantastic work.


Absolutely gorgeous. How much memory your scene take?

Amazing work ! Lot of details and lot of talent !

You mean ram or size of the project?
12GB Ram
Project file size(include Textures):2.1GB