McLaren MP4-12c GT3 rendering [2.70 Cycle]

Great work! Cars are a favorite topic among CG artists, and yours is one of the best I’ve seen done in Blender!

The first render was great, and now with the changes, the render is now awesome! nice work!
And congratulations for sticking with this and finishing it up, making it better!

really?! that seems like a lot! (at least to me…)

Great render! Well done!

beautiful work

Excellent work!!! A true inspiration.btw how long did it take you to model the car?

Absolutely top row stuff! Good job mate!

One of the best car renders I have ever seen. Great job!

Amazing work! Congratulations! Hope you can get a faster render machine soon :wink:

About 4~5 months(I’m just a secondary 5 students,I don‘t have much time for CG arts work)

Amazing work. I really like the entire image. 5 Stars and congrats on the top row.

Great work~!

Fantastic. I am speechless.

Can i ask how you did that uvmapping for those stickers, i did unwrap my car but making the texture layers fit seems impossible. Did you use texture paint for this?

Nice work very good render

Fantastic render. Very good indeed. Looks incredibly real to me. In my modest opinion, as an amateur photographer… The chromatic aberrations look as if the shot was taken with an very bad, cheap camera/lens! It still looks awesome though. Great work!

Fantastic work!!!

Stunning. Cant remember if I have ever seen as good car render with cycles.

This looks wonderful! It’s so realistic! I hope I can do something like this one day. :smiley:

Well done, very realistic.

I don’t comment on projects often, but I really like the presentation of the model in this setting. Well done! The top row these days is like the top shelf at a bar–it truly is “the good stuff.”