McLaren MP4-12C-- Need advice

Hello, everyone!

As a 3D artist for a little while now (a few years) I noticed that my style was lacking-- a lot. I had very little exposure to a wide variety of modeling types and objects. I normally stuck to bland, blocky objects (such as simple furniture)

I decided that I actually wanted to try something new-- something I’ve never tried before. I’d always wanted to model a car, but the whole process seemed too daunting for me to try. I knew immediately that the very subject that scared me the most was the exact subject I needed to study. So, I got cracking on this McLaren MP4-12C.

However, I have a question to whomever can answer it. I noticed that my geometry isn’t exactly efficient. I’m trying very hard to make sure it all lines up correctly, and I’m modeling the shell of the car as one piece. Is this a bad approach? Should I make it multiple pieces instead and not worry how the geometry lines up? I’m looking for honest critiques and suggestions from experienced artists, so that I can better myself.

Thank you guys in advance!

I’d suggest trying to model the whole car as one piece, and to place the polies so they flow with the surface of the car.

See attached. :slight_smile:


I would agree with @inKotrol - model the whole body shell in one piece and follow the contour lines of the car with your edge loops/poly edges.

Way back in the eighties I worked on some 3D body models for Rolls Royce using NURB surfaces in a CAD system - I modelled the whole body in one piece then cut out the doors, etc. it’s the easiest and best way to get good clean lines.

Cheers, Clock.

geometry lines are important as they show the understanding of form. create the basic whole piece then split them up for secondary detailing

Usually what I do is get perfect pictures of the front, side and back. From there I extrude a vert around all of the car’s lines making a 3D blueprint. From there I create an extremely simple mesh of the whole body so I can apply a sub surf level one and have all of the edge loops reall smooth. Then I add more details till I need more topology, then apply another sub surf layer. The others are right, cut the lines close to last. That way the topology still matches up nicely.