mclaren mp4 12c

Something I’ve been working on was going to model a background but I didn’t have any idea’s, may upload it again with a background, but until then here it is :wink:


Nice model! I’d suggest you try to make the lighting a bit more interesting even if you don’t create a background for it.
You could fake some bounced light and add a bit of AO. You might also want to put a bit of dithering through the render panel to get rid of that banding issue in the background.
This could be a good piece with some tweaks. :slight_smile:

Maybe try an external renderer to get it more realistic?? modeling looks good though, good job!

OR cycles :slight_smile:

Really good work! This car is so fast and powerful that i would put it on a race track in motion.

Thanks for reply, putting all your suggestions into practice now :wink: