McLaren mp4-27 (2012 F1 car)

Hi guys,

It seems that’s a long long time that I posted something in this holy thread :slight_smile:

This McLaren mp4-27 was made for an upcoming Formula 1 management game called GPRM.

The model is not a perfect replica as the final images (in game) are tiny gifs and I had to model and render all the 2012 teams in a short time.
Anyway I took time recently to add details and make sure the model looks good for Cycles render.
Then it passed photoshop and Lightroom tests :smiley:

I embed too the 1st version of the model so you can have free hands on it. (thanks to sketchfab)

More renders on the behance project page

Great work, really impressive result

She’s beautiful! Ive always loved McLaren’s chrome paint job. I love my F1, and this looks pretty accurate to me!

Thx guys.

If you’re interested by F1 I also “Cycled” the Ferrari and RedBull teams :slight_smile:
(again not perfect replica. The Ferrari had a special treatment as I love this team)

Behance page

Behance page

I hope you guys will enjoy it :slight_smile:

Thats the RB8 yes? This is some brilliant work!

Yes it is! The RB8. Cool that you recognized it :slight_smile:
All the cars are 2012 versions.

And here is another render from the Ferrari F2012 (I was not able to embed it in the previous post)

Hope you’ll like it :slight_smile:

Beautiful :smiley: I do love me some Formula-One.

Thx :slight_smile: Should love the F1 2000 I’m working on for several years now!

Those are Blender Internal renders

Close up on the Steering Wheel

What do you think?