Mclaren mp4 rendering with blender Internal

Hello there

im back with Another blender internal rendering, today’s guest is Mclaren Mp4
“Not my model”

here is the render, i’ve took almost 2 hours to get up the satisfying rendering setup
Enjoy it

made with blender Internal + edited by photoshop


Nice man! Looks awesome!

then whose model is it? please specify, it’s not a good idea to hide the name of the person whom this model belongs to. also the road looks very low-res, but other than that the materials and lighting look mind blowing.

belongs to a guy named “FF ultimate”

New render

its so…so …
your camaro is more better than mclaren

Very good work, KingofSpeed! The images turned out very well, I can’t pick a favorite!

I have one suggestion for the future; I would have liked to see the wheels blurred more from motion in the second image. I think they are blurred slightly, but I might benefit from more (whether you use longer shutter time, or faster movement) to give a greater sense of speed. Here is an example of a more aggressive blur:

The renders are awesome.

Time Keeper, why did you wake a half-year-old thread?
(have to agree though, it looks awesome)


wow !! very good work i like it!!
the second render is the best

the second one is the better one, but the sense of the real speed is still missing. go lower with the camera, rotate it mor to the right and move it more to the left. just my ideas :slight_smile: