McLaren P1 Animation

Hi everybody !
Hope u all are doing as good as one could do in these hard times
I created this animation during quarantine time for the McLaren P1
the first half is rendered in eevee whereas second is in cycles at 500 samples.
Modelling was done in Blender 2.83 and post processing and compilation in Adobe Premiere Pro
Pls provide ur feedback as it helps me grow :smiley:
Cheers !


Love the way you okay with lights and caméra Moves. I would say that the car and glass shaders are lacking of a tiny something that would make them 100% credible. Maybe a but of depth.

How is done the car paint? For photorealistic effect I would setup a material and then add a clearcoat on top.

The Video is anyway very cool :ok_hand:t2:

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The car paint was done by mixing two nodes (one for flakes and other for top coat) on specular : 0.5 and clearcoat : 1. If u may pls suggest any improvements in the materials sections as I still a noob there :joy:
Thanks for the review though
PS a big fan of ur work especially the schumaker one :+1:

I’m not a specialist of car paint shaders so I can’t really give you the answer.
But it feels like one of both of your material take over the other. It looks like there is nothing underneath the coating.

It’s hard to explain as it is a very thin difference between having the sensation it’s here and the sensation it’s missing.

Maybe someone more aware of the technic could help you on that.

Thank you for the words! I try my best :slight_smile:

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