MD2 Export, not really working.

Hey there everyone,

I’m currently trying to export some of my blender animations into md2 models with the available script (

After the export, my model is thorn apart, some of the vertices being scaled like crazy(almost nan…).
When I use a md2 viewer to check if my model was correctly imported, it gives me the same result as in Blender, my model is thorn apart…

I have already searched the forums, and google, at this subject, I have seen some threads about it, and tried to correct the script:

mesh = NMesh.GetRawFromObject( seems to work better

Though even with this, and other corrections, it still doesn’t seem to work correctly, the scaling isnt wrong, but some vertices and/or faces are missing…

I wondered if any progress had been made, and if the author had a new website( seems to be down…)

Thanks for your time.

One of our number had a problem like that recently. Does the model look OK in the viewport window when you cycle through the animations? Does it only break up when you export the MD2? What version of Blender are you using?

One possible fix would be to export the model to MD3 format and then import to Misfit Model 3d (freeware) and re-export the MD2 from there.

Ah, the good ol’ MD2 export problem - how have I missed you :slight_smile:

After I encountered quite some problems myself with this I use this export script successfully for models in UFO:AI. (Note: I didn’t use it with the current Blender version much though).
The code of the script isn’t related to the one that is bundled with Blender IIRC, so no easy code sharing I think.

See also [1] and [2] for some more code that may be useful when working with MD2s.


[1] e.g. is a very simple (and easy to adapt for your own purposes) script to export a list of frame markers from Blender.

[2] The perl script is especially useful if you need to change skins/texture paths or skin sizes after export.