md2-import - texture file not work

I’ve tried the md2 import and most things worked fine. But the textur file not. Does anybody know which graphic format and depth is needed? Or are there other things to do that it works?

The texture format used in Quake 1 and 2 is pcx and I don’t think that Blender supports that, so you have to convert the texture into some other format like PNG

thanks for your answer.
But unfortunately it doesn’t work. I tried bmp, jpg and png but the script doesn’t add it to the model…

The texture just loads into the memory of Blender or something, you still have to add a material to the model and then click the textures button. add “Texture Type” > “Image” and select the texture from the drop down menu, go back to the Material and under the “Map Input” tab select UV, that should do it?

Yes the setting UV does it.
Thanks a lot for your good explanation