MD2 model import/export script

I built a MD2 import/export script for blender, but I’m having some trouble loading the frames of the animation. I would like to load each frame of animation as a vertex keyframe (relative, i think), but, when I load a mesh, it doesn’t load any of the keyframes. I’m doing something wrong, but I can’t put my finger on it.

Any help would be appriciated.



HEY! quite interesting! This and the directx8 format script , would allow to work with most game engines…been both so stablished…(for boned and vertex animation)

I can’t code so I don’t know how to help you. If your script could import OBJ meshes and use them as keyframes to export as md2, that would be extremely useful.

Ahh… i’m very interested in this md2 import/export thing, but for some reason, your link doesn’t work.

Is it for 2.31a?

Please keep up the good work! This script could become EXTREMELY useful.

just think, no more need for milkshape!


Hey guys,

Thanks for the feedback. Sorry about hte site being down. I’m running it of my home computer and I think the owner (me) borked up his server settings. It should also be available at:

I’m writing it for 2.31a and will continue to upgrade to the latest and greatest as the blender team keeps going. Funny enough, I have also written an OBJ file import/export scirpt, but it’s still in the crawl stage. I’ll add it to the website when I get home and see about integrating them. I’m still looking for a way to get all the keyframe info into blender from the MD2 format, and more importantly exported out.

The end goal of this is a unified framework to import/export many of today’s popular game formats. So if you have a format you would like (and maybe the format description) let me know.

Also, I really want to know the format of character studios .bip files. There are alot of good free ones out there that I would love to use.



PS. Extrudeface: even if you can’t code, you can try the scripts out and let me know if it breaks, that would help alot.

Yahoooooo Finaly two good import scripts that work on osx and 2.28 :smiley: Would there be any chance of a md3(quake 3) importer/exporter?

P.S. How do you export the models? I can only figure out how to import :stuck_out_tongue:

well ive got the latest cvs and cant get insertKey to work if thats anyhelp :wink:

the only way i can possibly think to make this work is to store an array for every frame with every vertex’s position in it :frowning: but which is definatly bad…possible at least. look for a post about ODE a few weeks back has all the info for that sort of thing.

have fun.

just think, no more need for milkshape!

Milkshape was my first mod tool for models. There are so few good modelers out there for mod developers. That’s where the python interface come in! :slight_smile:

Cool, I’ll have to try this out.

There is an OBJ import/export script out there, I have a copy I can post if it’s fallen off the web. I don’t know how complete it is, but it gets my geometry out of Blender OK.


The MD2 export isn’t working just yet, but I"m working on it and it should be out soon. Maybe this weekend (I have a 4 day weekend-Yeah!). Don’t worry, MD3 is not far behind. I’m using somebody elses MD3 as a start point for my MD2 script, but it doesn’t work with 2.28, so it should be a quick fix to get it working.

I have a copy of the OBJ export script and I’m going to incorperate that into my import script. Again, that will probably happen this weekend.

Great! I can’t wait to see the md2 and obj importer/exporter working. While you’re at it, can you look at *.MDL import/export? this is what NeverWinter Nights uses. However, every script i’ve seen for nwn doesn’t work for me :frowning:

Yay I hope you get the md3 script yo work. That’s one script I could deffently use :smiley:

Does anyone know any good source for free MD2 models?


Check out Polycount at:

Quick update: OBJ now imports AND exports, it still needs some work cleaning it up and adding options to the gui, but it should basically work.

I’ll hopefullly have the MD2 Importing and exporting this weekend. Then I’ll move on to MD3 and MD5.

So far I plan on working on:
MDL (neverwinter nights)
Any other suggestions for fileformats?




and thank you for your work.
I’ve no sugestions for more formats, but export 3DS with UV textures and animations
it’ll be very nice.

Please accept my apologies in advance if you’ve already received this message !!!

Hi Bob, great work !!! :smiley:

If possible, could you write an export script for NeoEngine’s ( ) file formats ???

NSCE is their ‘Mesh’ format
NANI is their ‘Animation’ format
NMAT is their ‘Material’ format

Ideally, NSCE ( a simple ASCII-based format ) would be a great start and a good test to see if future work is possible.

For more information, check-out the ‘Chunk File Format’ and ‘Content Creation’ sections of the following URL…

I would be forever in your debt if you can get this to work, as it may form part of a greater strategy between the Blender and NeoEngine communities !!! :smiley:

Let me know, should this project be of interest to you.



I’d be happy to write an exporter. I’ll take a look at the file formats and see what I can get going. I’ll add it to my site so you check on progress there.



Hi Bob, thanks for the fast response !!!

I’m glad you have an interest in this project, as it could be the start of the next best thing since the on-going Blender / YafRay integration :smiley:

If possible, I would like to discuss this further with you… do you have an e-mail address ( or something ) I can contact you on ???

Your time and effort is greatly appreciated,


Blender tells me ‘No module named string’
is this because I have python installed?

A format I’d like to see Blender export to is .b3d for Blitz Basic.

Currently, to get anything out of Blender, you have to export either DirectX, or Export to OBJ and then animate the OBJ in Milkshape, then export again to b3d or md2. I’d rather animate in Blender as the interface is better.