MD3 Exporting problem

Okay, I have made this model which I would like to export to a game using the MD3-format, the model shows up ingame, but the game can’t find the texture I specified for it.

The script that I’m using is this one:
And the guide of how to use the script is here:

I have changed the line in as the Wiki-page says, changed it to “ > GAMEDIR = ‘E:/Darkplaces/id1/’”

The model is UV-mapped and everything, and I have assigned a material to it that is named after the texturename (Texturename: b_bh10.tga, MA: b_bh10)

When I export it it askes where I want to save the md3, I choose the dir that is should be in, then it askes for a shader-file I think but I just press the OK-button…
When it’s exportet the md3-script says that there were som warnings and that I should check the log-file.

INFO Starting ...
INFO Exporting MD3 format to: e:\Darkplaces\id1\maps\rotten_health.md3
INFO Shader path name: e:\Darkplaces\id1\maps\
INFO Model name: rotten_health
INFO Processing surface: b_bh10
INFO Materials: [[Material "b_bh10"]]
INFO MD3 Surface
INFO Ident: IDP3
INFO Name: b_bh10
INFO Flags: 0
INFO Number of Frames: 1
INFO Number of Shaders: 1
INFO Number of Verts: 512
INFO Number of Triangles: 596
INFO Offset to Triangles: 0
INFO Offset to Shaders: 0
INFO Offset to UV: 0
INFO Offset to Verts: 0
INFO Offset to end: 0
INFO Header Information
INFO Ident: IDP3
INFO Version: 15
INFO Name: 
INFO Flags: 0
INFO Number of Frames: 1
INFO Number of Tags: 0
INFO Number of Surfaces: 1
INFO Number of Skins: 0
INFO Offset Frames: 108
INFO Offset Tags: 164
INFO Offset Surfaces: 164
INFO Offset end: 15684

Probaly it’s just me that dosen’t understand the Readme(Wiki)…

Hope I gave you enough of information, thank you.

If I was to short with information in the last post here is the blend-file so you can se better how I have done:
I places it in “E:/Darkplaces/id1/maps” since it is my [Model]-dir (as it’s called on the Wiki-page), the texture (b_bh10.tga) is located in the same dir, and I export the md3 to the same dir…

If there anyone anyone that have sucessfully used the md3-exporter from Xreal to export a model made from scratch with texture and UV-map and actually got the texture to show up on the model ingame?
If so could you please tell me what I’m doing wrong or tell me how you did when you exported it (sucessfully). :slight_smile:

And a question that ain’t related to the title, why is there a box where you can set Datablock name (ME) and one that you can set a Active Object name (OB) in the Editing / Link and Materials-menu, just can’t see why there should be two. :S


Just wanted to say that I found a workround on the texture-problem, the Xreal MD3 exporter writes the path as “e:\Darkplaces\id1\maps\b_bh10” (in my case) when it should be “maps/b_bh10”.
This way requires a third party program, but it’s free, it’s called Npherno’s MD3 Compiler.
Just follow this tutorial:

Wanted to post this because maybe someone else got the same problem, and this is a solution that works, but if someone knows how to do the same thing with Xreals MD3 exporter script for Blender, please post :slight_smile:

Let me try to understand you here… You are trying to use the Blender script, but it doesn’t export the texture path correctly. So you use Blender to export the md3 data, and another program to texture it?

Am I right?

If this is so, you could just fix the script to export the texture correctly. Heck, I’d even fix it for you if you’d work with me…


Well, the texturing is made in Photoshop or something, then you save the texture in the maps-folder and name the texture for example b_bh10.tga or some other fileextension like png…
Everything is exported when using Blender (UV-map, Model) the only problem is that the texturepath that is saved in the md3 is set wrong, it uses the whole path (E:/Darkplaces/id1/maps/b_bh10, where b_bh10 is the texture…) instead of just “maps/b_bh10”
NPherno’s MD3 Compiler is just used to change that path…

As i’ve written I think that it’s just me that don’t understand the script… :slight_smile: