MD5 export

I am using the ‘official’ 2.61 build of Blender and followed all the
instructions[katsbits] re .MD5 with the proper exporter, proper ‘prepping’
of model,etc. --PLEASE see URL below-- i need a ‘still’ model for use with a
kinect camera,actionscript, etc. i am using AIRKinect2.0 which uses AWAY3-d
model parsers,etc-and calls for the mesh of the md5, not the anim.i have
narrowed down the problem to this: the model only loads correctly if both
the mesh + the anim files are loaded. unfortunately, all the code i am using
calls for just the mesh file, and it loads in totally distorted! (see the
accompanying pix/the super skinny figure is the INCORRECT mesh only)–any
ideas or tips or suggestions? i’ve been messing with this for days…thanks