md5 script

i download the md5 script i installed in my main blender folder. I can’t see it in the pull export menu did i do something wrong or is there another way to export to md5


I think only pre compiled scripts appear in the pulldown.

To use it you just have to switch to a text window and open it there then run it.

more info i tried that sort of, not sure what i did but it does not work walk me through it a bit


you need to open the md5 py file in Blender’s text editor. Then hit alt+p to run it. (dunno now, but in the old times, you needed to edit one of the two exported files (md5mesh I think used to be called), and put your texture file name(/maybe and path) in “shader” (editing the exported text mesh file)) beware, latest md5 exporter may not be compatible with modern Blender versions. The latest plugin of it is always at forums, doom 3 game section, editing models an animation subsection. well…actually, here: if needed, just download blender 2.41 , and export with that one… dunno if you can work in 2.49a, and made some bakes and changes to be able to open the blend in 2.41, and then export there.IMO the best for you would be that der_ton plugin would work for you in 2.49a. I have not tried yet.

I can’t open that file not sure what you mean when you say put the texture file in shader I guess it won’t work with version 2.46 let me know what the shader reference means in the meantime i will try to find 2.41