.mdd animation import/export problem

I’m a Blender 2.68a user, I created a turn page animation then I exported it as shape keys with the MDD addon.
So, when I choose the mesh cache modifier and open the animation everything is ok.
But when I press “Apply” or “Apply as Shape Keys” nothing happens. The animation disappears.

And if I choose Import > Lightwave Point Cache .mdd doesn’t work, the geometry during animation is messy. :confused:

Did you check the Dope Sheet/Shape Key Editor to see if Applying the cache data created any shape F-curves? Usually when “Apply as Shape Key(s)” is invoked, it does not automatically enable the shape(s), that has to be done as a separate step.

The “messy” geometry when importing the .mdd data as a shape key set may be because you have not disabled all other influences on the mesh. The .mdd data incorporates all vertex location data in the mesh, so you cannot have the original influences (like an armature) that deform the mesh still in effect. This applies to Object-level transforms as well as mesh-level deformations, if they are in effect when the .mdd data is exported.

If you have a working MDD aniamtion, why do you need Shape Keys? Just wondering. It seems like a Mesh Cache is better than Shape Keys.

Thank you for your answers

the rig of the mesh page include three objects (two empty objects and lattice) that are the parents. I animated it, so the mesh page is influenced from their movements. When I exported animation, I’ve selected only mesh page. So I duplicated the mesh page, clear parents, removed lattice modifier and I choosed mesh cache modifier. Animation works, but when I press Apply in Dope Sheet/Shape Key I can’t see anything and movements disappears.

So can depend it from relations with the other objects that aren’t exported? (parents)

Because when I render the mesh (I don’t why :D), animation doesn’t work while in viewport I can see all the frames moving. (but why??? :()
I need to apply the animation with different times to multiple pages, then I linking it as groups in another .blend file

Again, after using “Apply as Shape Keys,” check the Mesh Data panel to see if there are new shape keys generated (should be), and check the Dope Sheet/Shape Key Editor to see if any F-curves for the shapes are generated (may not be, it is not the default for that operation). Shape Keys may actually be generated, but if no keyframes/F-curves are generated for the new shapes, there will be no animation. You’ll have to set the Shape Key keyframes yourself.

NOTE: When importing the .mdd data onto a mesh as shpe keys, the F-curves ARE generated as part of the operation. And yes, parenting can be a problem if it is both incorporated in the .mdd data AND still in effect on the mesh with the mdd-generated shape keys.

Sorry, now I understand it, yes I can see the new shape key and of course, there isn’t an animation because I must to set myself, but animation is in other objects. So the shape key of the mesh page with 1 amount won’t work.

Maybe I should try to animate directly the mesh page without parents/bones, then export it as .mdd and re-import it to resolve it

another question:

why when I use mesh cache modifier and render the mesh, I can’t see the rendered animation? I though… if it works, I don’t need to re-import animation as mmd animation, just linking different pages with mesh cache modifiers linked in another scene…

You posted “Apply as Shape Keys” (“Keys” being plural) so I assumed it would generate a series of keys, not just one for that particular frame. I haven’t used the Mesh Cache modifier yet so I wasn’t aware of its specific behavior when applied.

Do you have the switch for “Use Modifier When Rendering” enabled (icon is a camera)? That’s to the left of the “Use Modifier in the UI” button, with an eye icon, in the Modifier Stack.

Yes, the icon camera on the modifier is enabled, lights are in the scene and the camera is active (ctrl+0) but when I prees F12 or the Animate button I don’t see animation

Problem was vertex count mismatch. I’ve applied the subsurf modifier to mesh, exported animation in .mdd then I’ve duplicated it and mesh cache works during render :smiley: