MDD file support?

What are MDD files? These are files that have an objects motion and displacements baked onto each vertex. This would allow, for example a character animated via bones, morphs and other displacements to have all that baked onto a single mesh on a per vertex basis. Lightwave, XSI and others support this format because its a lot easier to do then trying to export alot of other incompatible data for rendering purposes.
Anyways, heres a site that has more information on the forumat.

Take care about your obj importer. built in obj importer messes the face creation order so you need another script, “poserio”.

here is the link for poserio scrip and small importing tutorial

The mdd script can be found here (just look for “”)

You´ll need a newer blender build too. Look for one here:

This script creates a series of morphs (its not a deformer like md_plug, but it works!)

just drop a line if you find a problem!


PS.: Are you light wave master Larry Shultz?

I was actually more interested in exporting mdd files from blender.

PS. Yes :slight_smile:

To export go to:

and search for “”

I don´t tested this script, but it seens to work.