.mdl files

How do i imprt .mdl files into blender? please and thank you.

There are many types of files that are .mdl files. Half-life uses the extensions, it is a way of storing molecular chemical information, and Neverwinter Nights also calls their models .mdl files

Which one would you need?

I would like to get one that alows me to open the half life files.

Is there one that opens the hl mdl. files?

can’t anybody help…

I don’t know. It seems there aren’t many HL modders in the community :slight_smile: I suppose you would need HL 2 functionality?

You would need to decompile the models into .smd format, then you could import them. I sugest looking for a “Half-Life model decompiler”.

.mdl has many different versions, so it would be hard to write a script that can import all 30 or so versions.

Dang ive searched and searched but i still cant find it:( for hl 1 (though my comp can easily handle hl2)

So is there no one who knows what i can do?:confused:

Use this to decompile the .mdl files. Then you can open it and export it to a blender-importable format.

Dudes, it’s been a long time since anybody posted on this… so, does anybody know how to open/import FSX (Flight Simulator X) .mdl files? Thanks!


Thanks dude! I’ll try it ASAP.

Hi, if you come to any positive results let me know…

Not yet. Still working on it.

Might also be of interest:

Any progress?

No, sorry, not really. I’m going to try and get FS9 to see if that works.
Also, I can’t be sure about FSX, it’s acting all weird, like a corrupt instalation, so the models might be damaged or something.
Long story short - It doesn’t work as any format.

Hi David
I suggest you get in touch with Arno at FSDeveloper, as it seems that he’s also working towards finding a solution so other tools then gMax and/or Studio Max can be used, envolving Collada…
Best regards,

Thanks! I used to work for a while with gmax, before I found Blender on a magazine, although I haven’t been able to find any edit mode with that. But I think I’ll find a way to transfer it to blender!
Thanks again.
Best regards too!