Me-109 modeling query

Hi all i’m wondering if i can get some help from you guys. I am having a crack at modeling an aircraft from a tutorial done in 3ds max ( and have hit a wall modeling the machine gun recesses on the fuselage, attached is a pic of my model so far and the real thing. It seems that my knowledge is’nt advanced as i thought tried to follow the tut as closely as possible but i’m stuck any help given appreciated


i dont wanna be a douche, but this is a blender forum isnt it?

either way, im not familiar with max, but it should have a boolean modifier which will do the trick. just shape primitive into the shape of the reces, place it where you want the machine gun to go, hit boolean and difference. and bam. the dirt is gone.

I’m following a Max tut but using Blender 2.57b will i get the same results in blender as u described using booleans in Max ? thanks

Booleans can be a good way to do things, however, more often than not you will get rendering errors afterwards. Remember, Blender doesn’t have n-gon support yet, and thus the triangles that are created along the edges of the boolean will not smooth correctly with a subdivision surface. You may have to model them in though.

This is what he does in Blender terms…

For the episodes 75, 76

  1. Separates a duplicate of the mesh in the area of the recesses
  2. Basically subdivides with a subdivision surface and applies it so that the polys are directly editable.
  3. Applies a lattice modifier and edits that for the angles of the lattice cage
  4. Modifes the the lattice to deform the geometry
  5. Finishes the recess with a boolean with a general shape
  6. Deletes the polys from the original mesh that he does not need

You will notice that the two meshes do not marry together well since there are two different levels of division between the two. Plus the boolean will create a great deal of triangles in the process, but give it a shot and see what you get.

boolean is the same principle across the board. its the ability to merge/unite, intersect or create a difference between two seperate objects.

here’s a vid i made showing you what to do.

@ DeadParrot & ajm thanks very much for tnhe explanation and video you guys are life savers, thought it was gonna be another model that never got finished wish me luck :slight_smile:

your welcome dude, make sure you post the results so we can see how you went