After a half year break form any blender work due to other obligations, I finally got som time to pick it up again.

Today I started working on Me262, german WW2 jet fighter, the first operational jet aircraft in history.

It wasn’t too hard so far, though the engines were a bit of a challenge, specifically the part where they attach to wings.
The basic shape is here, now I off to detailing the canopy and after that to other minor but important stuff like machine guns.


i like the look of this. i know this aircraft type well and have seen one in real life at a museum. good trick to model with those background images to guide you and look forward to seeing this with all it’s details finished. only crit is some funny bulges i can see in the the bottom image, one just forward of the wing and a few under the tail.

I would suggest to shape the cockpit canopy as a separate object (it is much more easier, you do not have to model the whole thing as a single mesh). Could you show the wing/empanage trailing edges? I have impression that they are thick and rounded, but maybe I am wrong…

Yea these bumps indeed should not be there, but I fixed them now, along with other adittions. Ill post the pictures after todays work.

@Witold Jaworski
no, you are right, they are not really aerodynamically accurate so far. :slight_smile:

of course, ill edit them once i go trough some wing aerodynamic profile reference pictures to get the idea of how it should be.

Yea, modeling canopy with the body provided me with some unnecessary edge loops like these :

but since I am going to separate the canopy from the body I will delete those edge loops anyway. It makes the question of why I decided to model it as one mesh valid, but I guess the answer was that i just felt it was an easier thing to do it that way :slight_smile:

Well, maybe this book will help you in further work? (Of course, if you want to create a more accurate and more detailed model)

AWWW YISSS ME 262. This bad boy will look great with a late war spring scratched camo. yea, definitely make major part and even small parts separate objects. Otherwise your topography will really be messed up.

Witolds book is really great. Very detailed and helpful. It’s helped me a whole lot :slight_smile:

@Witold Jaworski

Looks like a great book, but I don’t think I can afford it right now, definitely bookmarked though. :slight_smile:

Can you perhaps post link to pictures of that late war spring camo? I’m really interested.

Did some things, here and there and this is how it currently is:

out of the obvious, I’m still not satisfied with the transition of geometry from round body to flat tail, will work on it, other than that, there’s still the need for fixing the wing profile a bit.
Subdivision level:2

Well, show the mesh ow the problem area (around this tail) if you want to receive some suggestions from other users how to improve it
The nose shape is also irregular - such openings like these for the guns always require careful preparation (and some retopology). Otherwise they spoil your shape.
Are you going to make a low poly model or a detailed one?

The camouflage is from IL-2 Strmovik birds of prey. Here’s a link:

You can also look up spring camos on Google.

ok so I haven’t update in a while but I’ve been working on it.
Mainly doing the diffuse now

Hello iam big fan of aircrafzs, so i willbe definetely watching your work here.

Nie si nahodou Slovak?
If you cant understand thos last sentence doesnt matter, just your nickname reminds me slovak name. :slight_smile:

SWEET. Can we get some renders? :wink:

its still just a difuse map and that is a wip

I like the details. Rivets and bolts :slight_smile: Keep it up. Looking forward to seeing more progress.

added in some specular and normal

some new developments

and a little bit more