me and alien

hi… sorry about the bad resolution in the pic. but i took it with my web cam… anyways hope you like it:D


My god!! We look related! Same nose, lips, cheekbones… Probably because we’re both Norwegion…


My god!! We look related!

Hey! So do we!
(…wait, which one was you?)


Looks good, but you could try and improve the material so it blends better with the photograph.

LOL!!! Reminds me of my sister in the morning…

its no fun posting something serious and getting jokes… i laughed quite loud though!

not bad…for a first try…
The materials just arent convincing, and im sorry, but the lighting of the model is pretty terrible <:)
Maybe try dropping the enrgy on your lighting, and turn on AO

umm… ao? i’m glad people tell me as it is… however! i didn’t care about the lightning or the material or anything other than getting an alien to sit behind me… maybe some other time i will look more at this project or maybe make a new one. maybe i shouldnt have posted it…