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My character’s eyes are rigged and set into my character’s head but when i move the head the eyes dnt move with it. Please Help!!! I need the eyes to move with the head…!:spin: :spin: :spin:

P.S. the eyes are parented to armatures which are constrained to an empty

You will have to post pictures at least – blend files if possible – if you want someone to help you…

you will need to parent the eyes to the head BONE
(not just the armature)

so that way when the head bone moves, the eyes will follow

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now you’re winning again

PS. I don’t know what you have constrained to the empties but I don’t think you need them

Thank you Waylow! You solved that for me! :smiley: Now i can do this:

But…! I’m afraid that i can’t move my character’s eye’s now. The eyes are rigged to armatures. The armatures are constrained to track to an empty. Normally, when i move the empty, the eyes track to it like so:

Now that the eyes are parented to the head bone, i can no longer do this…

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Enter the magical tool of every animator: the Empty.

Parent the eyes to an empty that is positioned precisely in the center of the eye. The “offset” from the eye’s center-point to the location of the empty should be (0,0,0).

Then, parent the empty to the bone as previously described.

You can also use other types of constraints instead of, or in addition to, parenting. This is particularly the case for the eyes, which need to track the location of the empty but might not also track the rotation.

As the head (bone) moves, the Empties move with it it, and the eyes (insofar as location) move with the Empties.

I find it easier to track the eyes to a BONE that is part of the armature
(it is always nice to keep all the controls inside one object)

so the eyes are parented to the Head bone
and the Eye target bone is also parented to the Head bone

move the head - all will follow
move the eye target - and the eyes track

(you can also make one target for each eye and then parent this to the master eye target - so you can track the eyes individually)

then you can make nice bone shapes for them - and you will have a really pretty and easy to use rig


I’ve thrown together a basic model of how you can operate, and keep the eyes to the head. With some trackto constraints, you can look how this blend works and apply it to yours. Keep blending!

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eyetrack.blend (50.3 KB)

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