Me and My Airship, demo uploaded

UPDATE #3*****

Hi, check the last page for a small demo


Hey guys, so i’m back at school now and progress in the game is slow sigh hopefully by christmas we’ll have all the outside maps done. Anyways I uploaded a little video of the game in action to youtube, i know the res. is crap so If anyone wants I can email a better version to them

here’s the link

turn up the vol. as it’s very quiet

and fly-by video, again sound is very quiet

Hello all, a while ago I posted a few screens and some info on the new game my bro and I are making. Here is the thread

Anyways, over the last couple of months some slow but steady progress has been made. The main character has been slighty changed and so has his house map. A new area, the docks is 95% complete and shown here, as well as some other shots. Enjoy :stuck_out_tongue:
oops, forgot to add 1 more

Visuals look impressive, sort of like a Nintendo DS polygon level but with GameCube textures. The question is, how does it play?

Awesome looking man, it realy looks like you are pouring the midnight oil into this.

I hope you are able to complete it to your standards, and as a crit, the player model’s shins don’t seem to taper enough to keep the same style of the arms and body, I suggest slimming them and leaving the boots as they are.

Looking at the scene I would guess a few thousand polygons. That would mean 30 FPS and above on my computer with the current Graphics card. I’d expect it to have much better performance when he gets the chance of using the OGRE intergration when it’s ready for testing.

that looks sweet. i love the theme. does it shift from day to night on its own? like on a timer?

He-blend: I’m really glad to see that you two are making progress on this. I am anticipating playing the game. Your plot and gameplay sound very original and much more family friendly than many games on the market these days. (And on top of all that, there’s the added bonus that the graphics are absolutely awesome.) Keep up the good work! Let me know if you need any programming help (analog joystick interface, custom camera scripts, etc.).

Wow, that really looks great.

Did you make the textures yourself, or did you download them of the net?

Yeah, that looks excellent. It looks like too many poly’s to run smoothly except on a high end computer, though. I really like the textures. I don’t really like photograph textures in a game.

good textures… good models I agree the shins/ankles need to taper a bit more… nice changes to the players textures. Not sure about the glass panes texture… the drawn on 3d-ness on it is a bit strong… maybe soften that effect a bit?

Everything looks fantastic He-blend, I can tell you’ve put a lot of work into your project.It kinda reminds me of the legend of zelda: windwaker.

I hope it plays as well, as it looks :smiley:

Definately one of the best ive seen yet with Blender. You’ve got a lot of talent He-Blend = ) Keep up the good work. I hope to see a demo soon, this has the potential to be a commercial game. Good luck!

looks great so far, I really love the architecture.

I think a little realtime lighting would make it look better though…

i am urged to dust off my n64 and play zelda…

looks nice i cant wait to play it keep up th good work and style

thanks for the comments guys

Anyways, the game will have dynamic lighting in it, as you can see in the one pic, the others don’t b/c i hadn’t added it yet. Good call with the guys shin, i’ll fix that.

I have a 1.86 Ghz Centrino, 6600 GT PCI-E, with 1G of ram. The scenes all run at 1680 x 1050 res. at 60fps with no lighting or characters. Once the main character plus lighting is added it drops to about 40, but becuase of the object culling will often pull back to 60. However the more armatured npc’s it slows down a lot. So npc’s will have to use a lot of ipo’s. Also, I need to include moving birds, butterflies, clouds etc as well as day/night.

The day night system will work as follows. Each full day will be 24 mins long and each area will be divided into 6 maps. 1 map for day 1, and 1 for night 1, and so on. Therefore we can make different things happen, even make things look different on day 2 than on day 1

When the OGRE rendering comes in you won’t have to worry as much about the slow rendering the GE is known for. Though game logic will still use FPS.

Looks nice. How is the westerwind coming along?

How exactly will ogre work? Will we need to lean orge and coding, or will ogre be implemented into blender?. As for the westerwind… :frowning: It was getting too crowded and too messy, plus it wasn’t really compatible with the newest versions of blender, and trying to change it that much wouldn’t be worth the effort. We’ve still got all the files, and a whole bunch of stuff that hasn’t been shown of the westerwind, maybe one day i’ll upload it, but for now this is my main project.

I think OGRE will be implemented into Blender as the new render engine. Not sure if you’ll need to code or not but you will get nice graphical effects like shadows. I believe a mission statement webpage put up by Snailrose stated a beta should be ready for public testing by the end of the month.

Hey it’s He-blend Remember me ?
I was starting to wonder I have not seen anymore of He-blend’s post’s. Glad to see your still using blender. =) I never get tiried of your games man this one look’s Very Nice.

Keep Up The Good Work. :wink:


{ Sorry For Of Topic He-Blend }

Is it just me or do your screenshot’s look anti-aliased ?
I know blender can’t support anti-aliasing But did you set your video card to anti-alias To Take The Snapshot lol Joking ^_^.