Me and my Buddy

Hey to all. Thought I would share what I am working on right now. His name is Footy and we are working on a photo shoot right now. I will then commence work on his first movie so wish me luck. I would also like to take the time to thank so many of you that have offered assistance when I had question about Blender. The learning curve is a little steep but making progress. Footy says thank you too :-). Like I said, he is my buddy.

A few more shots …still tweaking but working on it

Couldn’t tell at first if that was CG or a suit, which is a good sign. Good luck on the project!

Thanks Keithor…Been working on him for around 8 months. Part of it being a Blender learning curve. I am thinking about making some animations with him in both CG and live envrons… I am pretty much happy with the rig.