Me and my Draconity. Read inside.

Hello everyone, now this is not a self pity thread as I know that wouldn’t be accepted. But there has been changes in the past month and here I’ll answer the questions you may ask.
What is one of the bigger differences?
This may sound crazy to you but a little over a week ago I found out about my sence of Draconity, which I will explain below.
What the heck does Draconity mean?
It is pretty much the sense that you are not human, but that you are actually a Dragon in human form, forms like Dragon realms are full of people who say they know who are Dragons and I’m registered there.
Most Dragons find this out through something called awakening, it may be through a dream or something else. (I’ve actually had dreams where I briefly felt I was a green, blue, and yellow Dragon)
Is this even compatible with christianity?
Short answer, yes, there is such a thing as a christian Dragon. A stumbling block may be the concept of born again as human but the site above implies the Dragon lifecycle is different. (message for christian Dragons)
So you’re a WHAT!?!?
Yes, I have reason to be sure that I am actually a Dragon in human form, I look inside myself and I see my heart and mind trying to tell me I’m a Dragon, I also found out the road to realization that I am a Dragon probably started 5 years ago when I first got sudden interest in gaining Dragon form.
You must be crazy, how could this even be possible?
The Dragon’s wings site has some good explanation on how this is possible, note there are many who found themselves to be the Dragons, though I may be the only active one on this forum.
So we have to call you the forum Dragon now?
If you’d like I have found myself more comfortable being considered a Dragon then human. Some people may still just want to refer to me as Icoxo which is fine too.

Well, that summons it up, call me crazy but a lot of people who found they’re Dragons would not think so.

So you are a dragon then? Please Spit some fire right away ;).
Just kidding,
but why post that your a a dragon here?

Some of the other Dragons at Dragon realms didn’t think it would be a good idea to post about my Draconity on a site full of non-dragons. But I tend to feel more comfortable telling people online about things then in real life so I did it anyway.
I tell you that many Dragons do have hidden desire to have their Dragon form, I am one of them and I haven’t told anyone outside the internet.

Oh, just so you know, It was more a realization that I had a sense of Draconity once I looked inside myself then actually poof finding it, most Dragons as I see get a realization that they are a Dragon over time.

Always wanted to meet a dragon, I allready met couple of aliens, some human-fishes, one potato and my favorite, human gas-tank. They all ended up at similar confined institut, but hey, who am I to judge them. They are happy!!!

You serious, CD? Are you actually convinced of the assumption that you’re a dragon?
Dear Heavenly Entity I do not worship…

A/ Ahh…So…, not like i am encoraging you or not, but what special Dragon Powers do you have?
B/ Better Tell your therapist . (If you don’t have one, GET ONE.)
C/ Can I take it then you realize that Dragons are extinct. Does this make you Extinct… Thought you were for a while…
D/ Dragon huh…I hope your parents are happy that you have traced back your family history and discovered one of your relatives fornicated with a Reptile. (the only way you could have Dragon Blood in your veins.) …no offence to your relatives intended.
E/ Every Dragon became extinct many centuries ago…well before …You even existed.
F/ Fortunatly I thought you were extinct when you stopped posting here…
G/ god!!! again you idiot. According to the Forum Rules & Policies religious rhetoric is disallowed.
H/ Hi, I was going to post welcome back how was your break…
I/ I’m beleiving You are crazy.
J/ Just GO Get a life.
K/ Kindly don’t tell anyone but…I am a bowl of goldfish.
L/ Likely you should…Tell someone who cares.
M/ Maybe you with your magical powers you should figure out how to get out of a strait jacket.
N/ Not like you’ll need one soon…
O/ oops looks like the english language has been written wrong P should be before O

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You asked for it.

As I have read many Dragons have human families. I am no exception. If you think I’m crazy because I’m a Dragon you can just look at the several different Dragon forums where almost everyone there is a Dragon.

BTW: Draconity is not a religion nor a cult.

Um… Meta-Androcto… technically Dragons never existed (in the traditional sense). In the biological sense, there are indeed dragons alive and in the wild (for instance, the Komodo Dragons of Indonesia).

Now… while I may not believe a literal interpretation of CD’s identity as a dragon, metaphorically it’s completely understandable. Regardless, what difference does is make to me what someone thinks they are? Human, dragon, gerbil, robot… whatever. It doesn’t realy matter as long as they’re abiding by the rules of this forum and not acting like a douche.

Kansas is at it again. Lol.

This will be an interesting thread.

Will you please quit wasting forum space and bandwidth with this inane self-absorbed crap?

/* add cyborg drag to ignore list */

does this mean that we should be expecting a lot of models of dragons appearing in the finished project section? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I don’t care if your the flying spaghetti monster, as long as you produce some excellent blender work.

does this mean that we should be expecting a lot of models of dragons appearing in the finished project section?

That would be cool, as long as we don’t start seeing 3 new dragon-based picture threads every day.

Nah, that will be for working with the next version of Blender, why with sculpt mode and the improved texture painting and everything.:wink:

The Dragon Realms forum site is down for now but once it’s back up feel free to take a look. I’m W_Dragon there.

CD asked for it. I fully was going to welcome him back, until I read his thread.

it seem’s though he’s full of his usual spamming .

Technically I don’t care what anyone thinks they are so long as they don’t preach their crap to me.

You forgot the Bearded Dragon from Australia.
Also if you do some research Dragons are a part of mythology from many cultures and it is often thought by theorists in theory that Dragons were the last Dinosaurs to survive.
Being that they had wings it is likely they would have survived longer than the large Dinosaurs and as most were scavengers with the ability to fly gave them greater scope to hunt for food, thus they would have survived longer and made there way into Mythology. It is also possible that they could spit venom that would burn hence the myth that Dragons could ‘Breath Fire’. This Myth spreads across many cultures well before your forefathers ever set foot on your soil.

Um… for the record, I wasn’t referring to anyone specifically when I said “acting like a douche.” No need to take it personally.

Icoxo, dude… Are you f-ing serious?
Oh god, i hope not…
You’re flipping man…
I mean, you were off of this forum for a while, and i was kinda thinking that you’ve become somewhat more mature and relaxed, but you show up suddenly with this crazy bullshit…
Please, tell me that you’re joking…Cause, this is not cool man… not cool…:frowning:

Sorry, really am haveing a bad day.
Will edit.

How do you know you really are a dragon, and not just somebody who strongly wishes to be one? If I strongly wish to be a big hairy beast, and tell myself that I really am a beast, will that be what I really am? I’ve had dreams where in one I was big foot and got shot by a guy and in another dream I was a ware wolf who could jump long distances, so it’s possible that I really could be some sort of animal … or maybe I’m just a human who sometimes has odd dreams. :wink:

I can feel my heart and my mind telling me I’m a Dragon, I feel that my soul is that of a Dragon. I feel I have an increasingly strong connection to Dragons. I simply have that feeling that I am a Dragon which came out to me once I found out about what Draconity was and looked inside and I felt a strengthening sense of Draconity even before I knew what it was.

I knew the other Dragons warned me about posting this. Maybe they were right. If this doesn’t get me banned for good I’ll be sure to take note not to post topics people may find uneasy to read despite what I think may cause no harm.

This is what I think is the truth considering it probably is when you add it all up.

About dreams, I know dreams themselves can’t tell you who you are just like that, but on the other forum there’s Dragons that claim they had their Draconity confirmed in dreams as I’ve read.

Ahhh, the internet.