Me and my game (update)

Its been a long while since i used blender or been on this forum, but my interest has been renewed. I was working on a project called DoppleGanger before i took about a month break.

Dopple ganger is based on the myth that, for every person in the world there is someone else that is their exact double, but either good or evil, and if they were to ever meet there would be choas and they both would perish.That should keep you interested enough, ill let out the story later. the game is not very far right now be here it is anyways.
Nudity - i havent made here clothes yet

Download .blend:
Comments and criticism welcomed!
also does anyone know how to make upperbody follow the aim when it is upclose.

i think u need to work on the bow a little; it doesn’t look too realisic :wink:

thanks i have to learn how to make textures cause its just light mapped right now.

Tried the demo, and in all seriousness the character is very well modeled. Whats the poly count? Also, the walkcycle is really nice, good job on that too.

really! thanks. that is actually my first human model! the poly count is abit high though around 3000 but i will lower it. appreciate the comment thanks.

Okay, you’re going to want to bring down the poly count considerably. Next time you may want to model with clothes in mind, it will make things easier later. In the game engine, you do not clothe a naked model, you model as if the clothes are already there, then texture them. Just a tip.

The concept of the game is intriguing. So do both of the characters end up dying? Kind of a downer, don’t you think?

no, the character wont die. going through the game will keep on unfolding way around it. i said it was based of the myth but not entirely some parts will be made up . and about the clothes i was going to delete the unseen part of the model when i make a full decision about the clothes i want her to be wearing mostly and if i want her to change sometime later in the game. Thank you i appreciate your tips.

AND exe? I don’t see an exe.

my mistake i got mixed up with another project i started sometime ago when. I thought this one had the exe.

High nice! All members to wait is the game complited!

it is very good…

even her breasts are moving :slight_smile: you are good at anatomy…

nice model… plantperson I would model the characters naked first and then make a new model using the old one as a template for the modeling of clothes… it’s more accurate that way if you know what’s going on underneath especialy when working on animations… you obviously don’t have the geometry for a whole naked 3d person in the final model

I can see that technique being useful, but that’s not the same as making a complete naked model and then tweaking it to make it look like it’s clothed.

Well, depends what kind of clothes you want. If you want heavy armour or robes it would require quite an overhaul. But if he plans to use skintight clothes or leather armour, he could get away with it (maybe just making a few adjustments).
Also, that poly count is quite high, it works fine now, but once other objects are added its gonna slow down the game big time.

femalenudity is the best kind of nudity… and its good I tell ya!

well… ever since i learnt how to do clothes the technique ive been using is to first make the model then model the clothes around it so i can get the proper proportion and all, then just delete the unseen parts and have a copy so i can make alternate clothes and mods. I would only do this for the main character though to give a lit more details and variation, but i would sketch up the enemies and model them right off the bat. At first this would have been the easiest thing to do but now i have more modeling experience. So if their are better ways then… shoot.:wink:

when i checked out the amount out polys it had it was 3900, so i reduced it to about 1500 as a test using the poly reduction script and all i need to do now i take it down a little more then reconstruct the face a little.

@mr_yeahman: and there is no other kind better!:smiley:

And oh yah, I forgot you can use the blenderplayer to play it.

Very nice model. Did you model this by hand or did you use MakeHuman? Just and FYI. I tried the blend in Blender2.41. I ran but for some strange reason using the cursor keys moved the wig and the eyes but not the rest of the model then blender crashed. I think tried in it the official bf version of 2.42a and everything worked well.I got a 45fps rate.

i modeled it by hand from ground up. In 2.41 i dont think the parent to bone feature works, but i also has the problem of it crashing after i play it once then try to play it again. I always see “Memory block free: pointer not in memlist” in the console after it stops running. dont anyone know what this means or how to stop it.

Yeah, male nudity is kinda… boxy and hairy. :stuck_out_tongue: