Me and my monkey

Heres a little monkey i’ve been working on.
I know:

  1. fix fingers
  2. give ears
  3. change chest
  4. fix hand
  5. the list goes on…
    there are not enough vertices quite yet to get certain detail (chest, fingernails, etc…).
    what I want to know is if if just looks “right.” Details will be worked out later after I convert to mesh, but I think the basic model needs work somewhere, I just can’t figure it out. Please help!

Also, any ideas on how to effectively use ripstings plugin for short hair, I suck at it.

hmmm… I don’t think your guy has any mucles, make him a little less symetrical looking, as in, make the bottom of his arms look different from the top… You are aware of the Monkey button aren’t you? It looks good though, nice and cartoony.
(Sorry my spelling absolutely sucks.)


Its good, but I know what you mean there is just something that isnt quite right. I think it might be the thumb, it needs to be a kinda on an angle.
Thats just a small crit tho!
Cant wait to see it finished

hammy likes. hammy thinks thought that monkey needs ‘belly button’ thing…
but other than that it’s pretty saweet!

thanks guys (and girls) I really needed that confidence boost. As for the belly button and thumb, it’ll be worked out in the next step. but one thing really caught my eye, what is the monkey button???

press spacebar, add>mesh>monkey

you need to have publisher to do this.

(hehe blender has it’s own make monkey command)

yes. and I bet you can find some ready mesh from the net to use as a body too… EASY. no more modelling. :slight_smile:

it would be cool, if blender would have ability to add your own base models though… I mean, you make basic coffee cup, or whatever, and you can add that to the menu, like: add->mesh->coffeecup…


Make a model library and append from it :slight_smile: