Me and My Rifle - [W I P] *Image Warning - DEMO UPDATE

Me and My Rifle

I’m in the process of making a small game. I will post my process here. It is based upon different missions of a sniper. I am working on this project alone. This is how my game will be layed out.

Big Maps - You drive to where you think is a suitable sniping location to take out your enemy wherever you want within the level.
Multiple shot outcomes - If you shoot your enemy in the leg, his leg will fly off. If you shoot his head, his head will pop off. Just more fun for your sick humour.
Eye candy for non-GLSL users - Baked in lightmaps will let the average joe computer play this game. Note** This game will NOT have GLSL features.
Distinct Areas - No playing in the same map over and over. I am planning to make several very different levels with varrying terrain types and weather.


Of course I waited to post this until I had a little bit to show off. I have some of the many things done.

What is done:
● Sniper modelling.
● Scope functionality
● Shooting setup
● Aiming (thanks to Social’s script)
● Movement
● Enemy modelling and rigging
● Multiple shot outcome blood, flying off body parts, and animations
● Link Sniper rifles shooting setup with the enemy’s gory multiple outcomes.

To do:
● Model and setup various levels
● Model Car and setup car physics
● Setup how the player will get in and out of the car
● Menus
● Setup in-game help and place enemies in levels

Videos: - Flying Limbs Demo Video


My Enemy (928 faces)

Sniper Setup:

Sniper ingame:

Can use 3 zoom modes in scope:

Before the Shot:

During the Shot:

After the Shot:

Flying Limbs Demo

I have made a new demo linking the gun and the enemy together. WSAD to move, left mouse button to shoot, middle mouse button to use scope, and scroll to zoom. Mouse is to aim. This is the Flying Limbs Demo:

Wish me luck to finish the game! :rolleyes:

Great start! keep working on gameplay, and then come back for polish, im sure this will turn out great!

looks nice! how about a car chase after if someone sees you?

you should’nt be afraide to add more detail on your character or at least a texture to pretend he go eye or hair.

keep it up.

that model looks a bit creepy! Lol! I mean the way it looks kinda creeps me out lol good job so far though!

Thanks for the replies everyone!

@blackhawk0900 - Yes that’s what I’m planning to do. If you don’t notice you can see through some of the character in the last picture. I just want to get everything functional right now.

@Sim88 - I was actually thinking about making it so you have to get out of the area in a certain amount of time so people don’t get suspicous.

@black reaper and the _ creator - Haha yea this was my first low poly human but I’m not worrying about the details of his face because it’s just going to be blown off his body :wink:

I think the ugly face makes me want to blow it off his body, lol.

Haha demo soon…demo soon

Your enemy’s waist is so skinny he looks kind of feminine…I’d suggest thickening it up a notch or two.

Done, thanks for the tip :yes:

Flying Limbs Demo update! WSAD to move, mouse to aim. Left click to shoot. Middle mouse button to use scope. Scroll to zoom. Just to show the enemy’s death.


Flying Limbs Demo

Hey, I tried the demo but when I opened the blend, This popped up???


afaik you can’t use bpy modules in the game engine…

definitely cool, i think the cover i a little gory, tho:p


i have the same problem can you or anyone help in any way.:frowning: