Me and my Serious Feliniousity. Read inside.

Hello everyone, now this is not a self pity thread as I know that wouldn’t be accepted. But there has been changes in the past month and here I’ll answer the questions you may ask.
What is one of the bigger differences?
This may sound crazy to you but a little over a week ago I found out about my sence of Serious Feliniousity, which I will explain below.
What the heck does Serious Feliniousity mean?
It is pretty much the sense that you are not human, but that you are actually a Serious Cat in human form, forms like Serious Cat realms are full of people who say they know who are Serious Cats and I’m registered there.
Most Serious Cats find this out through something called awakening, it may be through a dream or something else. (I’ve actually had dreams where I briefly felt I was a hairy, surly, and hairball-ridden Serious Cat)
Is this even compatible with christianity?
Short answer, yes, there is such a thing as a christian Serious Cat. A stumbling block may be the concept of born again as human but the site above implies the Serious Cat lifecycle is different. (message for christian Serious Cat)
So you’re a WHAT!?!?
Yes, I have reason to be sure that I am actually a Serious Cat in human form, I look inside myself and I see my heart and mind trying to tell me I’m a Serious Cat, I also found out the road to realization that I am a Serious Cat probably started 5 years ago when I first got sudden interest in gaining Serious Cat form.
You must be crazy, how could this even be possible?
The Serious Cat’s paws site has some good explanation on how this is possible, note there are many who found themselves to be the Serious Cat , though I may be the only active one on this forum.
So we have to call you the forum Serious Cat now?
If you’d like I have found myself more comfortable being considered a Serious Cat then human. Some people may still just want to refer to me as valarking which is fine too.

Well, that summons it up, call me crazy but a lot of people who found they’re Serious Cats would not think so.

LOL x 100

Oooo, that was just perfect.

Valarking is this even neccesary. I mean at least I’m serious about my Draconity and not just ripping it off someone else’s thread.

I sorta thought I might be a turkey vulture but I cant find the dam forum.:mad::mad::mad::mad: so now I’ll never know unless I can find some tasty road kill that doesn’t kill me from e.coli (that would never happen to a real vulture.)

Oh. My. God. Valarking, you are now my favorite member.

Hahahaha :smiley:
Amazing move, VK!
CD, you knew we would doubt your sanity. Such a coming-out as yours is not quite sociable so don’t blame us for mocking you. The odd kid has always been the prime target for bullies, especially if the odd kid has some very weird thoughts.

Yes it is necessary.

When you guys make fun of me, I feel like this inside…

i feel ya, buddy.
sometimes it can be hard, being an otherkin.
we need to exchange emails so we can share otherkin thoughts and anime porn


(especially the pic)

but seriously cyborg sounds like he may have a serious problem so it probably wasn’t very tasteful.

ok, an otherkin person is NOT a problem.
we are what we are.
he is a dragon and i am a serious cat.
respect that.
don’t be intolerant, M3ta…

You really do hurt me for mocking my Draconity like this, in fact you are just shoving your foot at the Dragon community.
I know you can act like a little turd sometimes but this is serious considering this.
You post this on an otherkin/Dragonkin forum and they’ll tell you the same thing

Stop yelling at me! I’m a serious cat and you’re just mocking me, oh great Dragon!

Just because dragons can eat cats, even serious ones, like nothing doesn’t mean you can bully me!!!

Also, I could defeat the entire Dragon community one by one in single combat.

I’m a very serious little kitty.

I know you’re not serious, this is just another thread made to be an mockery of another. This has been seen on this forum before and this is no different.

muhahahahahaha omg i can’t stop laughing… :rolleyes: <----- (sarcastic smiley :O)

as soon as I get done pooping on my feet I will eat the carcases left from the great Dragon vs. Cat battle.

can i play?!?
i’m a rump-roast!!
i’m a dingel-berry!!
i’m a peice of lint in a homelss man’s pocket, on the cornor of 5th and 2nd, in new york city on new years eve 1987…hahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! a forum for that?

great thread valarking, :eek: :slight_smile: :eek:

Call yourself what you want but it still doesn’t match what it means to be a Dragon or otherkin and the deep meaning of having a sense of Draconity.

Just so you know.

If Valarking put up a site with pseudo-intellectual essays about the life of being an “awakened” Serious Cat, I bet he would attract a bunch of unsociable people who’d betray themselves by giving their own lives a meaning in the form of the Serious Cat. They’d have no proof of them being more Serious Cat inside than an average Joe but since they’ve convinced themselves already and there’s no one to give them a reality check, they become inner-born Serious Cats. Maybe Valarking could write down some meaningless “how to tell I’m a Serious Cat” instructions like “I feel totally alien in a group of people” and “I feel like I am a Serious Cat”.

Can’t you see that your fascination with the dragons is just a bigger version of VK’s joke? Draconity is a joke, end of story.

And oh, nice move VK, I laughed quite a lot. :smiley:

Are you sure about that? I mean, I’ve known a lot of cats in my day, and not one of them ever worried about being eaten by a dragon. Cats have their ways, you know. Well, of course you would, being a Serious Cat and all.

I should start a forums for humans that are reborn serious cats that were reborn unicorns.

haha, i love that friggen cat!