me.dium invites

I just got invited to me.dium, a firefox extention that lets you chat with other people currently at the website. However, I know that there may be a lot of requests, so I have chosen to try something different.

PROCEDURE: post or pm your email address and put a post here saying you want an invite. I will give the first person to ask for one an invite. After that I will more than likely forget about this thread. Then, the person who I invited (the first to ask for an invite) will edit their post to say that they have gotten the invite, and in turn invite the next person. After that, the 2nd person invites the 3rd person, and so on.

IN SHORT: invite the next person on the list.

sent a request.
got it…anyone who wants one pm your email.
i can’t sign on!it says:

Sorry, we’re full!

Me.dium is experiencing a high number of users at this time. You will receive an email when your account is fully activated. Thanks for your patience. See you in Me.dium soon!

never mind it works now…