Me Fireball

(Sitag Beatmaker) #1

MFBALL…blend (808.8 KB)

(Nicholas_A) #2

set the speed of the video to 2 and it looks even better

(Sitag Beatmaker) #3

Me, i was actually thinking about making 4 speeds of this animation for the main character in my BGE game project.
And try to figure out how areas for characters equipment, could detect values of items and rise priority or a state for executing the Fireball at a certain animation speed depending on total of the value of the items, but not just this, also the interval between these actions. I already have downloaded Fireball samples from <-- its a cool website with tonnes of mad sounds You can find by the way. I was just thinking would fireball sample as i imagine could sound cool with a Turkey bird sneeze sound.
I’ll have to throw them up in FL studio in order to mix them and hear how it could sound.
But to be honest, after all… best thing that i could imagine would be that character would hold the fireball before releasing it towards the target.