Me Hatez Mikerowsopht :((

The stupid OS just crashed, and for some God-forsaken reason, it ‘corrupted’ my profile, to replace it with ‘.Computer’ :mad::mad: !!!

I had to COPY MY WHOLE DAMN PROFILE from one to the other, with only a 10 GB hard drive!!!

And then, of course, chrome doesn’t work, forcing me to use IE, with New thread / Edit / Quote NOT WORKING!!! I HATE IT!!

Finally, I got chrome downloaded and blew off my:\images\photos\angry%20puppy.jpg


So, is there anything I should know before switching to Linux?

PS: Don’t mind the caps, I had to let it out, you know.
PPS: Why isn’t there a :fuming: smiley (frowny?) !
That gives me one more reason to get :mad::mad:!!!

Is this using XP or Vista?

I’ve heard of a lot more problems with Vista than XP.

Well CD, Xp’s got a fair share of problems too.

Meanwhile, do you think I should start with Red Hat?

I have XP and I have had very few problems with it, it works quite well for the most part, boots up in less then 20 seconds on my new computer and runs all the programs I need.

Many users here use Ubuntu Linux, you can defragment your hard drive to get all the empty space together and create a partition for Linux.

Well at the end the day the choice is yours. I’ll sleep for a while.


Ah well…

Does anyone want to fill-in-the-blanks?

‘This thread is now about _______’

So, is there anything I should know before switching to Linux?
not rilly, just try it out. back up your data before partitioning your hard drive.

Personally im using Arch, but you would be better starting with a ‘beginer distro’ like ubuntu(debian), or feadora(red hat).

also, try to make your thread titles more ledgable:)

I know nothing about RedHat or Arch, but yeah, Ubuntu’s whole project is accessibility and ease-of-use to newbies. They’ve got buckets of wikis and forums and all sorts out there to help you.

I would warn you though not to expect a completely smooth transition. Linux isn’t perfect and can let you down, especially on finicky things like compatibility that you’d never even knew existed in Windows.

That said, I can still recommend it.

I’d suggest Ubuntu personally, however before you commit yourself to a choice (or an asylum :evilgrin:), I would download the Ubuntu 8.04 ‘Hardy’ iso, and burn it to a CD/DVD, and use it as a ‘Live Disc’…:yes:

It will give you a chance to test out Ubuntu without partitioning your HD, and also makes a handy backup…

…As for things that you should know, well…

  • The Earth is round NOT flat…
  • Blender rulez…:yes:
  • Politicians really are the lowest forms of life, closely followed by Lawyers…:evilgrin:
  • This list could go on forever…

Yes. Typing rm- rf / in your command window is the best way to simulate that issue in Linux, but worse.

…that would be sudo rm -rf /

I’d suggest Ubuntu (or Xubuntu/Kubuntu, I like XFCE ;)), or Fedora (Linus Torvalds uses it :)). Gentoo is awesome too, but it takes some knowledge. :wink:

If you like KDE, I’d suggest PC-BSD which is a friendly distro of FreeBSD. It’s not Linux, but its BSD Unix, so it rocks!

Are you going to dual boot or just wipe it and install Linux?

Either way, I’d recommend using Ubuntu, by far the best, in my opinion, and most definitely the easiest to get started with.

Don’t expect a smooth transition. While Linux is way better than Windows, it’s a lot different, so there’ll be a bit of a learning curve. But once you get over the hump, you’ll be glad you did.

Sure, but many people (not just those being new to Linux) I’ve seen just ran their system as root, so… well…

…I guess those kind of people just deserve to be punished somehow :RocknRoll:

Now if you could just turn that into a ‘frowny’…

Ratter you don`t know to use a pc?

Had Microsoft OS for years and had no crash no virus ? Had linux 2 days only “segment fault” and no drivers support.

So stop the Microsoft Rant!

It is like comparing Blender team with Microsoft team > 30 person to 300 person ? that is not a fight.

Grow UP!

Learn to chose your tools and stop the rant!

Down with windoze! Down with windoze!.. Just kidding :o Yea Im new to linux ( Ubuntu HH ) kinda like it alot, but Ill say the same as Numarul7 stop ranting windows. I know there is problems with windows but its how you use it, Im become my family IT supporter :no: not a good “job” but I can see how good wíndows is for casual user like my mother, bigbrother and littlebrother, because they are not into terminal stuff and so on, and they dont really want something they have to learn they are used to how easy windows do things. so if they dont want to do Linux they will have windows
I for myself is Linux only for my lappy and dual with my stationary ( have some hardware there is only supperted in windows ) maybe in the near future Ill only be Linux

( Have been away from this forum for to long ) just quit the job to have some time again for Blender haven’t tuched it for almoust 5 years :eek: missed it and soon Ill post some crappy work again :o be well

Ubuntu if you want to start easy.

If you don’t mind a challenge - try Gentoo.

Outch did try Gentoo as the first Linux… wasnt funny :stuck_out_tongue: but will be back to Gentoo when I one day can see the logic in Linux kernel… well maybe in my next life :yes: