Me Playing "Iron Man" on Electric Guitar

I just learned to play part of the song “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath on electric guitar! I’ve only been playing guitar for 5 or 6 months. I just figured this song out by ear. Tell me what you think! :smiley:

Dude, you have to wait…

Well… you got most of the notes… but seriously… you gotta learn a few basics before you continue…Number one…you have 4 fingers on your left hand that will work far more efficiently than your thumb when it comes to playing…Number 2…how the heck are you gonna play a chord with just your thumb…Search the web… there’s loads of guitar tutorials out there… Number 3…nuff said… keep going you’ll get there…I’ve been playing nearly 40 yrs and still learn something new every time I pick up the beast.



Wow you did all that by ear?? Thats crazy.

Love the song, and uve done it very nicely. Ive always wanted to learn guitar. Havent got around to it yet though. :no:

Keep it up!! :cool:

I am playing for 15 years now.
You got a nice pair of ears. The notes themselfes had the right interval, however you where in the wrong scale. No deal :slight_smile: You’d have to retune your guitar downwards a bit for that song :slight_smile:
You should test if you got a perfect or a semiperfect pitch.

However your bearpaw-strangle-the-neck style of playing, get a teacher to show you some technique. Once you got used to holding your pick wrong or use wrong fingersets on scales or chords its painful work to get it right again.
And i don´t wanna hear let him play like he think its best for him. If you seriously want to learn it, you will NEVER get some songs, solos or stuff right, simply because you´ll get a knot on your fingers, or simply will not be fast enough… a sweeping for instance, impossible with the right fingerset. There is a reason why every finger has its place in a scale/chord. :slight_smile:

If you don’t want to/can’t get a teacher there is always youtube =]

and lots of stuff to read online on how to play guitar correctly, just google it

Uh guys? I have a teacher… I can easily play plenty of songs with my fingers. I know lots of chords and could have easily played the same song just as well with my fingers (not my thumb). I’ll post me playing some other chord songs later. Thanks for the comments! But don’t assume that just cuz I’m not playing that perticualer song with my fingers that I don’t know anything about guitar.

Well then just remember that nobody’ll take you seriously when you play with your thumb. :wink:

Nice work BTW, post some more stuff up here :slight_smile:

Sorry for playing the song with my thumb… my bad. I guess I didn’t really know that playing electric guitar was all about how you looked and the sound you make dosn’t really matter… oh well

It’s alright ;] you can do whatever is most comfortable for you

just as long as you aren’t playing like that all the time =/ …well i guess you could…if you wanted to do some crazy revalutionary new style for playing lead…but no chords lol

exactly. It’s all about looks. Get it strait. Besides, it would have sounded exactly the same with any of your other fingers. That song is usually played on the middle two strings, plucked. But yours sounded like something that would be played at a Junior High School talent show. And I wouldn’t waste my money on a teacher. I’ve been playing the guitar for several years now, and My dad plays it all the time. I’ve learned from just watching him, watching videos, and learning to read tabs and scales. I would also lose the volcom shirt, makes you look like a dbag. Get a sweater or something decent…

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edit: i never actualy watched the vid till just now =]

but try pivoting your elbow to pick instead of your hand, you can get a lot faster that way

also try to loosen your hand a little, dont hold the pick so tight all up in a fist like that, you’ll go faster that way too

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oh, thats a cool vid

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