meadow scene

(rixtr66) #1

here is a scene of a meadow,the sky sun grass etc.are all blender.the sky was done using 2 squashed spheres with cloud tex applied,the sun was done using empties and halo type materials,the grass was done using ripstings grass generator,i had to decimate alot of it to keep blender from crashing,the tex for the grass is just a cloud material with 2 shades of green. (cutnpaste)
im gonna use it for a photoreal scene.
tell me what you think.

rixtr 8)

(harkyman) #2

I love the sky. If you’re going for photoreal, you may want to try a trick that I used with RipSting’s grass script. Make your grass in three passes - short/dense/straight; mid-height/mid-dense/little droop; tall/low density/lots of droop. It looks a lot more like real grass that way. On the mid and talls, you can also kill some of the polys in your base mesh so these heights appear at less regular intervals. It looks spectacular.

(valarking) #3

if you’re going for the “meadow” look, try lightening up the color of the grass a bit. nice sky!