I created this to experiment with more realistic grass.
I noticed that a common problem in my renders was that the grass wasn’t realistic so I watched a few tutorials and used a grass asset pack to create some more realistic grass.

I also wanted to try some things with sculpting so I sculpted the stump at the pond and the large log on the right.


Nice render. The grass looks amazing. The only thing that I noticed as a problem was the water. It doesn’t look quite right. I zoomed in and noticed that the mesh shader for the water hasn’t been smoothed out. You can see loads of square shapes on the surface of the water. Everything looks great apart from that! Good job

Thanks. I also noticed the problem on the water when I zoomed in but I already uploaded the render.
I believe that the surface has been set to smooth so I might have a look at my displacement modifier and recalculate the normals.
I might fix the problem and re-upload later today.

I updated the render and I believe the problem is fixed.

Looks a lot better now. Good job