Mean Crease value affects only until 0.55 (PROBLEM)

Hello! My name is Paul, Im a Russian fan of Blender. Using it about 1-2 years and always using a subsurf modelling teqnique with support edges and etc. So, even I have a lot of practice, I just cant stand this method. And in some cases Im choosing Bevel modifier with Bevel Edge Weight. But now I need to do the same trick by using only creases. The problem is, for some reason, Mean Crease value creasing my mesh until the 0.55 and then I have the same result on the range from 0.55 to 0.99…nothing changing at all! 1 - is 100% creased angle, of course. But I need control from this range! Just want to smooth edges by that way. Anyone, please, help.!!

I have the same issue, strange…

ps, i’ve moved this thread to #support:basics-interface