Mean Machine Angel - Character

3dSculpture Blender work.
Rendering in Cycles.
1 Pass AO.
Some ps retouches.

A model view

Thank you for your comments and tips.

I really like the materials. Model looks rather rough, but render is spot on. I would really like to hear some more about materials used here from you. Keep it up!

I used a mix diffuse and glossy with a texture based on rough concrete to the skin. I touched it with splashes of blood and veins. I used an anisotropic material textured blood spatter and displace to the helmet.
Thank you for your interest.

Cool stuff. Hey no big deal. I also like the lighting. As for sculpting I would work a bit on his helmet, the area on his temple looks kind of soft. I would polish it a bit so its less bumpy or if it is supposed to be bumpy, then metal deforms differently i think. The wounds on his neck also may need a bit of work. They are looking a bit ‘plasticine-like’ not really like human flesh if you know what i mean.

I used this image as reference. It represents the real character of Mean Machine in the movie. In general I did not want to do an exact copy of this. indeed here they are some plasticky areas on the cheek and neck, and unfortunately I made the worst of this.

Up. I worked on flesh.