Mean while in Russia :)

Thought i would post this short animation of mine, i made 5 month back for the fun of it. Everything was modelled and animated during 2 nights, and was primarily made to test a flamethrower simulation. The model is prettyyyy prettyyy bad and the animations VERY awkward - But maybe it can bring a smile or two upon some of you :slight_smile:


You did that just to show the flame thrower? I was thinking maybe it might be insulting to some. I think it needs alot of editing and cropping.

Thank you - and yes, primarily as said. It was very fast put together around my russian friends’ joke/story, a joke he said was told during ww2. If the russians ran out of ammo they joked among them, that they would use their a**'s as weapons if the germans invaded :stuck_out_tongue: Editing and cropping? I think it needs a lot of EVERYTHING - But its 5 month old and was never meant for being shiny or serious, so im not touching it again :slight_smile: But thanks for the critique…

Total BS, WW2 “jokes” are almost taboo theme here in Russia, with very small (but load, ofc) exception, as we still have people alive that remember how european civilizators come to our houses and smashing kids heads to wall just to show who is boss here now. At least that part exposed in video is nothing but trying paints us as drunk american? folks (i never hear anything related to flame from asses until look hollywood films, this is totally not russian invention, even as joke) vomiting as breathing. I am not hear anything resemble such crap, maybe early 1990 when full throttle anti soviet propaganda flood all official TV at prime time. If you see something like “mother joke” (you will be backstabbed with very high, like 90% prob here as old ppl, esp mother is very honored here after that joke to someone, especially if somebody else nearby hear that “joke” too), flaming asses, vomiting and enjoying that it is just BS for outsiders.

hmmm, i pretty sure you misunderstand the joke/story… It was more like an encouraging for eachother if a situation was getting ‘sharp’. Like “We’ll never give up”. Atleast this is what i have been told. And for good meassure, i actually think the soldiers of the red army was the biggest heroes of that war. And my political point of view have always been way more pro-russian than pro-american. Nevertheless i like to make fun of people and stereotypes, i also like to make fun of myself - And i have no plans to stop to do so. Too bad you felt offended, was not my intention :slight_smile:

I dont know. I did not find it out so funny, but maybe i just did not get it.

And as a finnish, i would say to all the Russian people who are reading this. Please do not believe what your media is telling to you about Finland. They are nothing but lies. :confused: I don’t understand the road where Putin is leading your country.

Flame was good.