Meaning of blender logo?

This thought occurred to me while in school. What exactly does the blender logo mean with its three orangey extensions and a blue dot in the middle? Perhaps anyone has any ideas? Seems like something interesting to know.

Well a while ago in Spain and somewhere else I saw people using a sort of blender logo, a cirkel with 3 lines, I think people stolen it. anyways the real blender logo is the orginal ony one made by ton and what it means? No idea.

Here a guess.

  • 3 lines = fingers
  • cirkel = 2 fingers making a cirkel
  • dot inside = the abstract things for all, the cirkel around also fingers has to be package. So all in one package.
    Hand ? yes the magnifque handsign what koks do, or scuba divers.

Conclusion, Magnifique all in one package :smiley: that’s the meaning of the logo. :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s an eye afaik.

It’s three fingers with the 4th and 5th making a circle

its a blender viewed from the top, with some of the orange fuzz spilling over it.

Yeah, I always thought it symbolizes a blender in action from top view with netherland colors (well I guess that color thing is easy).

It’s definitely an eye.

It would have to be a pretty wierd eye because then it would have three fat orange eyelashes :o

I’m of the opinion that it’s a top-down of a blender :slight_smile:

It’s an eye (it’s a bit - but not much - more clear what it is in the older blender logo).

It used to look more like an eye than it does now:

The new logo was created from the old one, for the release of Version 2.0

Could be an eye like the clockwork orange eye:

[clutching at straws]Y’know 'cos Blender runs like clockwork and well the logo is orange[/clutching at straws]

But I think it’s more like a hand as people have been saying. See:

It’s an eye, like WeirdHat and PlantPerson said.


Hm the logo plantperson posted certainly looks more like an eye to me. And I was thinking before this that the 3 “fingers” might have symbolised modelling, rendering and animation. :slight_smile: Oh well. Though then again, what does the eye stand for?

i think its a

ORANGE CIRCLEwith three ORANGE LINE THINGS coming out of it. and a BLUE DOT in the middle

very cool IMO.

i slipped the logo into a book which is currently on display at my university, so i am subconciously having many people looking at the logo :stuck_out_tongue:

i used it in my sequence of eyes though (had it around ther book about 3 times i think), so hey :wink: it must be an eye


Anyone know why an eye was used? Is there some significance in the shape/ colour perhaps?

It’s both an eye and the OK hand sign.

hmm. ton should know it. somebody should ask him.

i always thought of it as the blending action. Putting multiple things in and get a “blended” finished product i.e. the blue and orange mixed to make being “blended”

Anyone ever notice how much it looks like the logo for the Philadelphia Flyers of the NHL? :slight_smile: