measure an object maybe slices

hallo people,

i am searching for a way to get the circumference and volume of different parts of an object. for example a tree. i thought it would be maybe a good idea to slice the tree and then measure all slices. or is there a way to get the intersection of a plane and my tree?

i hope it got clear what i mean. i want to know ho big is the trunk and how big are the branches at different positions.

there is a cut plane script but doea not work anymore sorry!

may be someone can help to get it back working

also i did a script that measure external areas and volume
interested let me know !
but i have to find it it’s been a few months a did not use it and may be upate to 2.6 ! LOL

now don’t know if this would be able to measure a tree with branches?
it can give volume for a simple close shape object !

happy 2.6