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Hola folks.

Someone requested a script to measure the entire surface area of a mesh a while back in the chat. Since I already had the math lying around, I helped him out.

Apparently a few more people have been asking for this sort of thing.
Thus I wrote a little script with all the bits I have lying around in it.

I know it’s not incredibly usefull or timesaving, but in some obscure cases it might help some people out.

Get it and some documentation here:

It measures:
Face surface area
Edge length
Distance between verts
Distance from centre
Uv face area

All switcheable between Global and Local measurement

And also as options: Total/Average/Largest/Smallest

I’m thinking of putting a few more in, but since I don’t really need it myself will only do it when I feel like it :wink: (unless someone pays me of course) hehe

Any requests or comments are of course welcome.

Wooow ! very good script !!! Especially for architects and interior designer :).

This feature should be implement into Blender !


Would there be any way to measure the distance between two meshes?

Would there be any way to automatically create a dimension element when a distance is measured. For example, I want to display a measurement between two cubes (walls). So, I select the two cubes, the script automatically determines which faces … well face eachother, then measures the distance between them and finally places a couple 3D arrows between the meshes with measurement information in the middle of the arrows. And if I could specify blender unit to displayed unit conversion in the script, that would be awesome.

OK, now I know that I have asked for a lot there, but you did mention pay and if you thought this was possible, I might consider paying for it.


yes possible.

Tricky to really make the display of values nice, but quite possible.

It’s mostly… find the two face normals that differ the most (thus the faces that are opposed)… then finding the distance is not hard.

Trickier perhaps to define what distance is wanted… from the midpoint? The closest point? The furthest? Or even each corner?

There is lots that can be done.

Creating arrows and text and such in 3d is not too hard though they would probably be actual 3d objects and not just displayed messages.

I would like to see options to measure different distances. However, 99% of the time, I personally would want to measure the distance between the closest two faces on two cubes… the faces facing eachother.

I would also like to see 3D arrows w/text that were not splintered into 10 different meshes. Perhaps a mesh for each arrow and a text object for the distance which has been extruded a little bit with maybe a little bit of bevel on it.

The key to making this useful for me is a conversion box. So, say it measures 1.30625 blender units between the faces of two boxes. I would want a box in the script gui where I could inidcate that 1 blender unit = 10 inches. Then, I would want your script to create text that said the distance was 1ft 1/16" (1.30625BU * 10in/1BU = 13.0625in = 1’ 1/16").

It would also be important to have a round function I could optionally choose. Say I would like to round to the nearest 1/16" so we don’t have crazy fractional values.

I’d also like to be able to display meters if the customer would prefer to work in meters.

What kind of price tage are we talking for a script like this?


I’m rather busy right now… I’ll get back to you on that.

You can also contact me through the form at if you wish.

Nice web site. I will check in on this thread every once in a while to see what your thoughts are. An estimated turn around time for more discussion would be nice. Should I expect the wait to be 1 day, 1 week, 1 month? Just don’t want to keep checking like a monkey with no response.

BTW, if you wish to see what I might use this script for, you can check out my company web site: . I model and render theaters for people.


A few hours… I am about to wrap up work… head home… have dinner… then I have all evening/day tomorrow.

I just got in… making dinner… lets continue this talk through… mail/chat/telephone… we don’t need to spam the forum :wink:

Sounds good. I have received your e-mail. I will consider your questions and hope to respond tomorrow.