Measurements and such?

I’ve worked with SketchUp before and the dimensions and measurements of objects play a very huge part in your projects. I’m wondering about the same here? Do your models have to be in 1:1 scale to that actual model in real life? and what about the positioning, does it have to be at the center of the 3D view every time? And when you join 2 objects together, do you just grab them and move them by the x axis or would it be best to put in the exact positioning so the 2 objects would join up?

Point is, are dimensions and coordinates important in Blender projects?

They can be if you are setting up world coordinates - in the scene tab, you can set up metric or imperial, and in your object settings you can set up drawing edge length, etc. Best bet if you are going to bring objects into another scene is to start at Center until you are done modeling, but not necessarily always. If you don’t set up the measurements, it is still possible to use an artist eye for working out scale, and usual reference is that the default unit is a meter…

Okay thanks! Quick question, how do I make this part in blender?

So the thing is the angle is not at 90º, maybe 70-80º. I made two cubes for the scaled to the right size, now how do I connect them together like in the photo? When I overlap each other, it messes up the colors in render and the corner is bended (not squared)

I would use Edit mode to shape and modify my mesh, and you can add other mesh objects inside a single object

How is this object built in the “real world”? Is this one single piece? Or two pieces with a mitre joint (hard to see in the screenshot)? If this object is to be prominent in your later render, those details will be visible and I would model the object accordingly.

Probably a single piece, could you precisely tell me what you would do if it was a single piece?

Made a little video - should finish uploading in about five minutes.
Mind you, though, there are always various ways to skin a cat…

I’d start from Cube. Extrude faces, use Knife tool to cut frame (?) face to extrude (see red marks).
Knife cut lower faces to extrude wall down.

Not bad, but I was wondering if it were about 80º not 90, I haven’t used much of the knife tool yet what does it do? ikari thanks very much for the tutorial! I think I understand now. But I want to know is this a good way to align objects together? Because in some other tutorials on youtube they just go to left view, and move the object close enough to come in contact with the other (is that unreliable/ unaccurate?). And can your method be used while lets say making curved objects?