measurments in blender?

Can Blender do real world measurements like Inventor?

1 blender unit can be whatever you want it to be: miles, yards, feet, inches, barley seeds, meters, kilometers, angstroms, helium nucleus radius, elephants, whatever.

I tend to work to a standard scale of 1 unit = 0.765 elephants.

Ah yes, that would be the African Female Adult Elephant. I know one guy who used the English Sparrow towing a Coconut.

Cool! I always thought that 1 BU equaled a bacon unit and I was having a hard time trying to figure out if that was raw or cooked, and if cooked just for how long. Heffalumps make for a more universal measurement though…:slight_smile:

And since the units are based on ten, they are like metric. You can change what it’s based on in View>View Properties. Under Grid: there are options for the Grid.

I know about BUs and thats not wat im asking.I ment measurements like INVENTOR(inches,feet,kilometers)because if i use the blender units and i want 2 different units for 2 different objects,i will have problems.

Well, export an object of known size from INVENTOR and import it into Blender, However big it is, it is, and then you will have your conversion from (inches,feet,kilometers) to BU.

the thing is i dont have inventer or the time to install it.

You may have to do the math externally, for example, and I hope my conversions are correct,

|<-------24"-------->| converted to mm would be

im not understanding u

If I understand your question correctly, you are wanting to mix units of measurements. You will have to figure out what you want a blender unit to be (inches, mm, angstroms, etc) and then apply an appropriate conversion factor to the base unit you started out with. Of course, you will have to draw in dimension lines manually (if you are using them).

As an example, if you decide to use 1 millimeter as a blender unit, you will know that 25.4 blender units will equal one inch.

I’m not sure if this works in 2.45 or not, but it might help.

well now then, let’s see. Would it be simpler for you if I just said that

each Blender Unit is a meter

and we just kinda left it at that? btw, one meter is about 39 inches.:ba:

… and about 0.27 elephants