meat is murder

(pokestuff) #1

Meat is murder…or is it?

(Simon Liechti) #2

You killed it again!

(Breagha) #3

That is… disturbing… O.O

(tommywright) #4

I cannot express how much I love your work man. Sweet and sadistic. :slight_smile:

(NID Graphics) #5

Ummm not sure what to think, but MAN is it well done!

(MMS) #6

It’s great as always.

(Frank the Smith) #7

…well… that about covers it…

(Pierrick PICAUT) #8

This is fantastic.
you should make tutorial.

I love the colours and lighting.

(pokestuff) #9

Thanks for the replies!
Wish I had time to make some in more depth tutorials.

Along with the basic shaded render I generally output a load of passes, mist, ao, gloss, and one extra pass that contains use only one material with a rim light effect on it ( black material, with an emission shader on the edges only, you can use fresnel or curves to do that ) these are than mixed in photoshop.

rim render

(Hadriscus) #10

Super good stuff as always, I am glad to see that you are voicing your beliefs through your art. I am confident the world will come to reason some day and abandon the restless murder of animals. Cheers ! Vegan on !

(Modron) #11

wow, awesome render. I really like the appliances.

(Harold Tovar) #12

Great image :), I really like the color palette and the message

(MarcoCheng) #13

cool bro!Amazing render!

(norbertoidiart) #14

hey thanks for the rim render pass tip !

(pokestuff) #15

Forgot to say you need to mix this using an add blending mode and mask areas that are too bright, works best in photoshop ( maybe in other apps too ) as Blenders, blend modes work differently.

(Quizzes) #16

Very cool)


Nice execution :wink:
Though even plants are made of. Primitive, yet meat nonetheless. :yes:
Looking forward to next iteration…

(nawaf-blender) #18

its Beautiful

(paulchambers3D) #19

Beautiful piece. Just started following you on Instagram. Excited to see you’re based in Cardiff, where I went to Art School many moon ago… Wishing you every continued success!

( #20

Nice work, only critique i have is that both their legs are in the same exact pose.