Mecanic boy

Hi everyone :smiley:

This is my last work (actually it’s for an exam for the end of the year) :

making of:

For this image, I wanted to show the mechanical aspect of the “hand” (you know, articulations, sinews and all the rest…).

This work is one of the nine projects I have to show at the end of my school attendance.

Hope you’ll like it :spin:

The photography was taken by Theko (a friend).

I love the idea. The making of is pretty awesome to look at. However I’m wondering if it’s not too subtle or could be better composed. To be truthful my attention wasn’t drawn to the bionic hand until I looked at the making of. I still like the idea though.

Thanks Anayo :slight_smile:

Tomorrow, I’ll try an other cam view and search some effects I could make to really finish this project.


This is great! Not often do I see composited Blender artworks done here, and you did a great job with this. Though I might suggest you add soft shadows right at the edge of the hole, right where the mechanism and the skin shows through, that way you can add more realism to it. And yes, probably changing the perspective will do too. Great job! :slight_smile:


The thing that bothers me the most is your face. Nothing wrong with your face but it doesn’t belong there.

In my opinion the hand should only be visible.
Like this.


heh, bigbad, I strongly disagree. I think actually the simplicity of the photo is what makes it actually nice.
Well, really simple and pretty…

Great job…also I like the simplicity of the photo…because the attention are captured from the hand…that it’s not normal :smiley:
of course… IMHO…:yes:



Thanks to all, I’ve modified some things.

Bigbad: The thing is I don’t want the hand only be visible, I want to show the contrast between a young boy and the mechanical hand :slight_smile:

edit: I changed the blur intensity, it’s better now ! Enjoy it ! :slight_smile:

PS: It’s not me on the photography, it’s a friend’s borther :slight_smile:

Awesome photography, and integration.
I like it just how it is.

Don’t change it.

The new image is much better. Attention is drawn to the hand and it looks a lot better.

Thanks a lot ! :slight_smile: it’s really pleasing to see your work appreciated.

bcnu blenderers, thanks again.


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