mecanical spider

(borgus) #1

Hi !

I’m trying to create a spider…

…and I need a few suggestions for improvement!


(BgDM) #2

Well, it is a very good start.

Some pints:

  1. Make all your hydraulic cylinder connections look like connections. Don’t just extrrude the cylinders into the mesh on the legs. Just does not look right IMO. But that can be done later on.

  2. ON WIP renders, try to render without any fancy lighting. For good crits, we need to see the model. Your lighting is nice, but you loose the details that we need to see.

Keep it up. This looks very promising for an early stage. Oh, and also, spiders have 8 legs, not 12 :wink:


(slikdigit) #3

It looks really nice. You’ve got one extra leg (spiders only have 8 ), you could try varying the length/proportions of the legs to look more spider like- check some references of actual spiders. In fact, Its probably a good idea to base your mech on a specific spider pic, and then use further references for the mechanical components- look at industrial equipment, pneaumatic or hydraulic stuff, etc.
finally, the floor tiling is a bit too regular.
good start!

(halibut) #4

lookin good, but which way does it go? :slight_smile:

  • halibut

(borgus) #5

Thanks! I will improve it and post the result here! Up till now there’s only the legs but soon will come a trunk. Next time I’ll show the hole “spider”. :wink:

bye, borgus

(S68) #6

You should have a look to

if you haven’t already did, for a gallery of blender made mecha animals (a spider too :slight_smile: )


(borgus) #7

wow, nice! thanks, that inspires me!