Mecanim Bones

Getting my rig into Unity for Mecanim is driving me nuts. Here is my Blender rig…

This is what it looks like using the Mecanim Humanoid set up…

For some reason it drops the head, hands, toes, and chest(?) bones. I’ve tried creating extra nulls, baking actions, etc. Will mecanim simply not accept a Blender rig?

Are you sure that the joints are not there? What deforms the mesh are joints with a local coordinate system. That Blender draws a bone along local Y is just eye-candy. Perhaps mecanim does not draw terminal bones.

I thought about that, too. So I created a rig with terminal/null bones at the end of: hands, head & feet.

Same result. =[

Okay, are the hands red or missing in the mecanim form layout that appears in the inspector? Can you open the skeleton up in the hierarchy and run down though the bones until you get to where the hands are?

Are they missing or just not visible?

Not visible. Oddly enough the rig seems to work fine (or at least the way I animated the actions in Blender), it’s just than Mecanim can’t quite understand it completely. I’m using 2.63, btw. Maybe the latest Blender exports FBXs better?

Thanks for taking the time to reply, FoolishFrost.

*still have no idea what’s causing the extra bones.

It’s actually a display issue more than an import export issue. Without a bone beyond the last bone, the bone becomes a ‘point’ and does not show anything. A bones length in unity seems to be always from the parent end to the next child root, or zero if not one.

As long as the animations and bone structure exists and works, then it’s not a problem. As to extra bones? Well, they are possibly hidden bones in you skeleton that are on un-rendered layers in blender. Without seeing the original blend file, I can’t say.

Good point. I’ll look into that.

Thanks again for your consideration.