Mecanim Humanoid Animation Kit

I thought I would quickly cover a tool that I’ve been working on for a bit now. Essentially this tool allows you to produce unique animation sequences or animations that are not well suited to Motion Capture techniques quicker than the traditional Forward Kinematics process and are compatible 100% with Mecanim Humanoid Characters.

Mecanim is the new animation system introduced to Unity that allows you to re-target any Humanoid animations from one character to another as well as develop animation blend trees once and then share them with multiple game characters.

The kit consists of the following things :

  • Fully Rigged character perfect for testing and prototyping for your next game project.

  • In-Depth Video Guides that cover everything from Animation, Conversion, Importing into Unity, Re-Targeting and also Keyframe Compression via the FBX file format.

  • Several basic character actions such as Walk, Run, Strafe and Idle.

The kit is primarily aimed at the Unity Game Engine, however generated animations should work in other game engines such as CE3 and UDK as well without much tweaking (if any).

For more information, please feel free to check out the Unity topic that I have posted about this here :

Hopefully this kit is able to help plenty of others like myself who are getting into the games development arena and are wanting to make custom character animations without going to a lot of expense.