This an idea I had a couple days ago, at first I just sketched it, then I decided to model it, so here it is.

The sketch:


Heres an update, started on the neck.

Also the pic of my sketch looks so dark cause I took it with my cell, haha, I don’t have access to my scanner right now.

To be honest you fooled me good. I was hoping to see some Mecca related art, some Moslem building or something…

did youo by chance mean Mecha? Like them Japanese anime things?

Thanks for the reply daredemo, my motherboard was fried about a day or two after I last posted so sorry for taking so long… And I did mean to call him Mecca, I don’t “usually” have names for my projects, but this one just popped into my head, I’m sure I threw some other people for a loop as well. Anywho I just got my computer back so I have a lot of ideas now, this “computer break” has been more of a help than a hinderence, lots of drawing, thinking and reading time, it’s great for the imagination I’m tell’n ya. So back to Mecca I go, and hello to all the other projects I shall begin!!!


I don’t know of anything you can call Mecca without referring to the city where that giant mosque with that box covered in black fabric is I never thought it would be this creature type thing.

It looks good so far.

This thing reminds me to Godzille.
Even though this one lives in the square- or edge-world.

But i have to say, that i’ll visit to see updates.

I like this very much!

For some reason I am incredibly inspired. You see, I am not good at creating low poly models for subsurf(If they are then they are usually messy). But I have seen quite a few pic today that have improved my thinking.

I still need to make a post about it though. Anyways, very original and cool.

Sorry for the lack of updates, agian, dance is eating my life. Haha, anyways I’ve started to get the neck to come together, just got the lower half left. Sharpened out the teeth, I kinda like the creases, of course I’m going to get rid of the nasty ones. Oh and I added a nose, still debating whether or not to change it… So thats about it I think, comments and critiques are always welcome.


Looks pretty nice so far! Name fooled me, too :stuck_out_tongue:
What is it, actually? A robot? Monster? Either way would look good.

Wow that was quick, the concept behind this whole thing is “metal and flesh” or “metal meeta flesh,” if I were to put it into words. I still have to model his mouth, the inside, then I want to start playing with textures to distinguish the two, the metal and the flesh. Hope that clears things up for ya.