Hi. Thought I would post this render of a Meccano scene. Hope you all like it. Rendered in cycles.

Great texturing and nice modeling!
pretty good i like it.

Oh the nostalgia

haha I remember these!
Really atmospheric render.

Love it, nice result.

Great materials and modelling - very convincing :slight_smile: …and I can almost smell the burning from that time that I short circuited my Meccano motor :wink:

The textures look /amazing/. Great work!

Looks great!!! Good materials and lighting and modeling, seamless :smiley:

Excellent way to remember our young days … Did you keep an actual Meccano in front of you or did you make it from the imagination ?

the metal pieces look like wood because theyre so scratched up…
but wow ver realistic!

I made a selection of the basic elements from reference photos and then put the car together from my imagination, a bit like playing with the real thing I suppose, without the need of the spanner! The toolbox and book were modelled afterwards to make the scene more interesting.

ha the story of my downfall :wink:
meccano as a kid then 40 yrs in engineering

nice work keep it coming