mech 2, the return of the son...

Interesting, but its missing something…maybe more reflectivity, have some thing around this object to act as reflective stuff.

NURBS experiment?

I just wanted to model something very smooth. No nurbs.

Okay, cool. NURBS are good for that sort of thing, although they can be fiddly and I was wondering about how you’d have gone about shaping the cross section.

Blender’s subsurf modifiers are fine for this kind of thing too.

Yep, absolutely. It’s a workflow thing. A most of the industry modelers I know swear by NURBS because they allow very quick roughing out of large curves shapes (think 1950’s Volkswagen) and you can adjust the curves without the inaccuracies caused having too many points, as polygons do for the same shape. Most of them happen to use Maya though, and Blender NURBS are not quite there yet (I believe Blender NURBS are under heavy development).

NURBS can be slow to render, so they are usually used for creating a basic starting shape, and then convert to poly. The main exception I can think of (where I would keep NURBS) is an animation I’m working on where a book opens and the pages flip over; the pages have to curl as though they are being picked up by the corners, so I rigged hooks to the corners of NURBS planes for the effect.

Actually, now that I think about it,most of the book was NURBS because I wanted smooth control over the curve in the book spine and stacked pages and without a heavy amount of polygons to try and adjust.

I’m attaching a simple Blender 2.5 NURBS file similar to what you made in your first post. I only have the horizontal stroke though, as Blender NURBS only have tools to be able to easily go so far… unless that is, I was thinking you might have gone that next NURBS level. Anyway, the reason I’m attaching the file is so that you can see why I asked about NURBS. You get a similar shape with minimum lines and (using SHIFT-R to select entire edgeloops) it’s really easy to make big-scale tweaks to the overall shape.

Edit the file to see what I mean. NURBS are just tool like any other.



NURBSroboshpere01.blend (59.1 KB)

Thanks you very much for the file.
I’m not sure that it is so easy to dig a cross with nurbs on a spherical shape like in my firts post.

I like this
What settings are material ?

Of course :

That thing is bad ass dude!

Sorry but I dont understand : i need of pratice in current english.

Bad Ass means. I really like your model there dude ! Its super cool.

I hope you’ll like the anim too.